Medical Grooming

Is your pet too fearful for traditional grooming services? Are they suffering from sensitivities and skin infections, tight matts or have difficulty standing for long periods? Are odours and long nails making them harder to cuddle?

At Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, we offer stress free coat and skin care for our special needs patients. Whether your cat or dog needs extra help with grooming because of their health or their temperament, our trained staff will work with your pet to improve their comfort and hygiene.

Our professional groomer can get your dog or cat looking beautiful, and our fear-fear philosophy makes their spa day truly relaxing!

Patients like Captain require matt shaving and breaks to lie down during grooming.

We offer a variety of services including nail trims, bathing with medicated shampoos, matt removal, ear flushes, and placement of Soft Paws™ nail covers. Sedation and anesthesia are options only a veterinarian can provide which are essential to reduce stress for some pets.

We do not offer routine hair cuts for awake dogs and cats without health concerns, since our services are performed by experienced veterinary staff, not professional groomers. Our veterinarian will examine your pet and discuss any special requests or concerns regarding your pet’s health before booking the grooming session.

Contact us today at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital to book your pet’s grooming consultation to help them both look and feel better!