Care Plans

Monthly Care Plans for routine veterinary care in Waterloo, Ontario!

Ask about our Care Plans for routine veterinary care at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital in Waterloo, Ontario!

Care Plans:

Our simple and affordable Care Plans help you keep your pet healthy by ensuring they receive the protection they need. Designed by our veterinarian, Dr. Mara Ashby, Care Plans are not insurance.  They are affordable packages customized for your pet’s species, breed, and age.  Care Plans include important services in the following areas: examinations, laboratory testing, vaccines, surgeries, and dental cleaning. All Care Plans are designed to ensure your pet receives only the veterinary care perfect for their needs.

Budget your routine veterinary care by choosing the option of predictable monthly payments.

Included in all of our Care Plan packages – Veterinary Exams and pedicures!

Make an appointment today and ask our Animal Care Team how you can make sure you get the best value for your pet’s care! Contact us at 519-725-1777 or at [email protected]