Dog Care Plans

Customisable bundled services for preventative health care(1) – 2018

Adult Dog: Age 1-6 years

  • Exams, vaccines(2), parasite testing
  • Heartworm, tick, giardia tests
  • Early disease detection blood tests

$276.67/year + HST

Predictable payments(3) $25.36/month + HST

Senior Dog: Age over 7 years

  • Exams, vaccines(2), parasite testing
  • Senior comprehensive blood testing
  • Complete urine testing

$444.60/year + HST

Predictable payments(3) $40.76/month + HST

Puppy, Male or Female

  • Exams, vaccines, parasite testing
  • Parasite prevention(4)
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing
  • Spay or Neuter with iv fluids

Male: $1179.85/year + HST
Female: $1245.65/year + HST

Predictable payments(3)
Male: $108.15/month + HST
Female: $114.18/month + HST

Rescue Puppy or Dog

  • Exams, vaccines, parasite testing
  • Early Detection Blood Tests
  • Parasite prevention(4)

$511.60 + HST

Predictable payments(3) $46.90/month + HST

All plans include twelve months of unlimited complimentary veterinary exams, food and toy gifts, and nutrition and nail trim appointments.

(1)Plans do not include treatment for accidents and illnesses. See your Care Plan Enrollment Form for terms and conditions. Pet health insurance is an excellent resource for unplanned veterinary expenses.
(2)Does not include booster vaccines.
(3)Financing includes 10% convenience fee. A deposit, email address and credit card required.
(4)First two doses only, additional parasite prevention not included, may be prescribed on monthly basis at