Behaviour Therapy and Positive Reinforcement Training

Dog behaviour Therapy | Cat Behaviour Therapy

Is your hound afraid of thunderstorms?
Kitty hates her carrier?
Is your poodle terrified of strangers?
Have a new addition to the family?

At Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, our experienced staff will provide you with behaviour therapy sessions as part of your pet’s complete annual examination. We believe in evaluating and managing all aspects of your pet’s health, including their behaviour in and out of the home environment.

You know your pet the best, so we work closely with you to identify any undesirable behaviours your pet may display. Beyond simple dog training or obedience lessons, our Behavioural Therapist can help you modify chosen dog behaviours and cat behaviours that create issues and stress for both you and your animal. We help you to replace those undesirable habits with healthier behaviours that will help to create a happier, healthier living arrangement for both you and your pet. You and your pet deserve to live happily together for many years to come!

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Have a recent addition to your family?  Ask our staff for more details on puppy and kitten socialization parties!