Welcome to Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital located next to RIM Park in Waterloo!

Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your pet’s veterinary clinic? Take a minute to explore Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital online or contact us today at 519-725-1777 to schedule your free backstage tour!

Vet appointment and reception area

Our reception area is bright, clean, and spacious. We offer refreshments, comfortable seating, a wide variety of safe toys for your pet, and much more.

Wheelchair Accessible Vet offices

Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital is wheelchair accessible throughout to make it easier for everyone to access quality veterinary care for their dogs and cats.

Dog Exam Room

Our appointment rooms are each tailored specifically for dogs or cats, and allow your pet space to relax and feel comfortable. Has your pet had some stressful vet visits in the past? Ask us about our complimentary friendly visits and quieter appointment times.

Dog & Cat Vet Treatment Room

Our treatment area features an in-house lab and is used for sample collection, preparation, and testing. It is also equipped with a large bathtub for grooming, observation kennels for pets who are undergoing medical treatment or surgical procedures, and a dental x-ray machine. Our treatment area opens onto our surgical suite and x-ray room.

Dog Exam

Dr. Ashby in Surgery at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital in Waterloo


Our kennel area includes bright, spacious housing to keep your pet comfortable and safe for those times when they need to stay for a full day visit with us!

Waterloo vet kennel services

Visit our friendly and accessible online resources such as our interactive website, online store with home delivery, fun and factual social media sites, and much more. Still have questions? Schedule your backstage tour at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital today.