We Care for Best Friends!

Hi, my name is Dr. Mara Ashby and I opened Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital to make it easier to access quality veterinary care for your cat or dog.

• I started by building an accessible modern hospital around the corner from where you live.

• I hired expert staff who excel at customer service as well as their specialties of nursing, training and grooming pet cats and dogs.

• We made ourselves friendly and accessible online with an interactive website, online store with home delivery, fun and factual social media sites and much more.

• In this economy we make budgeting for veterinary care straightforward with monthly care plans for routine care and surgeries, and pet insurance for emergencies.

• We want to see fewer sick animals, so we offer pet weight loss programs, early disease screening, parasite prevention and customized vaccination programs.

• Need some relationship counselling? Let us help you understand your pet’s language and prevent behaviour problems so that the two of you can live a long happy life together.

• We take the ‘pet’ out of petrified through positive training techniques, careful body language observation and pet friendly environments to prevent and treat fearfulness so you can both enjoy your visits!

Visit us at our new location or check us out on our social networks to take a tour of our veterinary hospital.