Update: Six Furballs Looking for Furever Homes

By July 20, 2015Blog

In June, us here at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital shined the spotlight on 4 stray kittens and their mother in support of Adopt-a-Cat month. We are now back to give you an update on all of the cats as they grow to become the sweetest companions.

Mother cat Athena has learned to love people- she waits for her daily cuddles and enjoys her ear scratches most of all.

Athena (3)

Apollo is living up to his name with his rocket-fast speed, although sometimes he can be found tumbling out from his less-successful launches.

Artemis is the explorer. He has wandered the furthest away from the den and when he gets lost or in trouble he cries to Momma for help but that doesn’t stop him from doing it all over again right away.

Hades is the clown of the bunch. He loves to play fight and lay on his back with his big belly exposed.

Styx used to be very shy but now follows his brothers around all day long, making sure to stay right on their heels. His overwhelming curiosity has helped him overcome his initial timidness and allowed him to (quite literally) follow in his siblings’ adventurous footsteps.

Theia is the sweetest and most laid back. She’s not as outgoing as her siblings but once you’ve gained her trust, you’ve also gained a friend for life.

Nyx is the smallest and perhaps also the luckiest of the bunch. She has steadily been learning how to walk as she tries to keep up with her siblings.

Theia, Apollo, and Nyx

If you’d like more information on any of the kittens, or on other ways that you would be able to help out our feline friends, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

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