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Prince and Dr. Ashby at Old Orchard Farms

pardon the lack of formatting but I am typing one-handed after falling off a horse last week.  i’ve broken a metacarpal bone in my right hand, not much worse than a broken finger in my opinion.  i have proven i can still take blood, examine patients and sign forms but am not doing surgery for a couple weeks.

i fell off my horse turning left when he turned right, a bit of a misunderstanding while jumping. my horse prince is just like a Labrador Retriever, he enjoys positive training and having his ears scratched. we just need to work on our communication.

to encourage myself to rest i have moved up a planned trip to visit family in nova scotia.  our regular staff will be performing nail trims and weight rechecks and medication refills by appointment, and i will be only an email or phone call away.  i want all our patients’ families to know we will still be there for your pets while i heal.  we have always had an excellent back up network of technicians and doctors and will continue to rely on their support for any emergencies while i am “short-handed.”

here are some “handy facts”:

dr. erica heim lost her left arm to cancer as a final year vet student‎ and says she does not do surgery but has learned to practice one-handed, i am humbled

prehensile thumbs were evolved by primates descended from tree shrews

dogs and cats walk on their fingers, not their palms.

teach your dog to shake a paw and make nail trims fun by using “target training” to shape the behavior

six-toed cats are called hemingway cats because ernest hemingway was given a white six-toed cat by a ship’s captain and many polydactyl cats now inhabit the island of key west where he lived

cats and dogs only sweat through their paw pads


how many toes do you count?

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