Wanted: Furever Homes for Five Furballs

By June 16, 2015Blog

June is adopt-a-cat-month! In support of this cause, Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital will be helping to find homes for cats and kittens in partnership with the rescue group Pet Patrol. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the kittens who will be ready for adoption at the beginning of August.


Three of the sweethearts!

These sweethearts were born to a stray that arrived, heavily pregnant, at a local barn 2 weeks ago.  The mama cat, Queenie, was found by Dr. Ashby and promptly taken into foster care by one of the boarders.  Queenie was lucky enough to deliver her litter of 6 in the comfort of the foster home just one day after being taken in.  It was as though she knew she had finally found a safe place!

Only a week old and these kittens have already begun to craft their own personalities.  Hades and Styx, the two orange kittens, are the feistiest of the group.  They sing all day long and are always managing to find something (or someone) to have fun with.  The two grey tabby kittens are called Artemis and Apollo.  These guys are the mama’s boys; they’re a bit tamer than their siblings and especially love to cuddle.  Theia is the grey that looks just like her mum and is quite the lady herself!  And finally, there’s Nyx, who’s the luckiest of the bunch.

Nyx had a hard start to life and almost didn’t make it past her first few hours in the world.  Her odds weren’t very good but with the support (and body heat) of her mum and siblings, she managed to survive.

Out of this litter of 6, the 4 male kittens, Hades, Styx, Apollo, and Artemis are up for adoption. The other two kittens, Nyx and Theia have already found their Furever homes.  Mama cat Queenie is also looking to find a family for herself once her kittens are old enough to be without her.  Queenie would be best suited for a quiet home with a loving family as she enjoys cuddling but is still overcoming her shyness.

Mama cat and her babes

Mama cat and her babes

Keeping these kittens in a foster home until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated ensures that they are healthy and tame before they go to their new homes. Foster care is easier with Mom Queenie around to help care for them. Foster care can save the life of orphan kittens, who need to be fed every few hours day and night by their dedicated human caretakers.

Although this group of cats has found themselves to be very lucky, there are many cats in Waterloo who are much less fortunate, making both foster care and forever homes desperately needed. During the summer months local rescues and shelters with pre-existing waiting lists will be overwhelmed by the numbers of cats surrendered so, if you can, why not support their efforts by fostering kittens- all it takes is a spare bathroom and a little extra time and dedication. Even better, provide a Furever home for an adopted cat or kitten.

Queenie and her babies Hades, Styx, Artemis and Apollo will be available through Pet Patrol or Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital by July 27th.  If you’d like more information on these adorable kittens or on what you can do to show your support for adopt-a-cat month, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 519-725-1777.


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