The Five W’s of Parasite Prevention

By June 1, 2015Blog
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June first marks the beginning of heartworm season in Southern Ontario, in honour of this occasion, we’ve put together an article answering some FAQ’s regarding parasite prevention, take a look!

Who needs parasite prevention?

  • Every pet is at risk of parasites, even indoor pets
  • Puppies and kittens catch worms from their mothers
  •  And all cats and dogs, and ferrets too, are at risk of heartworm

What parasites are problems for pets?

  •  Intestinal worms are common, roundworm eggs are everywhere for example
  • Heartworm is less common but deadly
  • While Fleas have always been common and ticks are increasing in numbers

When should I prevent parasites?

  • At least from June to November every year for adult animals
  • Puppies and kittens need to start deworming when they are two weeks old
  • Year round prevention is recommended for many pets in high-risk situations such as boarding kennels or travel to the southern US

Where should I buy my parasite prevention?

  • Your veterinarian has the most knowledge of current risks, your pet’s health and the best access to safe suppliers
  • Beware of counterfeit products and canine products which are toxic to cats if you buy online or in a pet store

Why do I need to test for parasites if I use prevention

  • There is no one product that gets every parasite?
  • People forget to give doses
  • And Pets spit out or wash off medications

How do I choose a product?

  • Some pets, like wiggly greedy young labs are easier to give an oral product
  • Dogs with picky appetites or food allergies are better suited to a topical
  • Your pet’s lifestyle and your budget are the final factors to consider, protection from more types of parasites typically costs more money
  • There are lots of products and lots of parasites, we look at every patient individually and make a recommendation based on all these factors

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