Happy Thanksgiving!

By October 10, 2014Blog

Our pets are thankful for their good health, freedom from pain, and protection from infectious disease. Unfortunately, some pets with financially challenged owners are not so lucky. Help raise funds for the Farley Foundation to support treatment and preventive care for pets from financially challenged homes in the following ways: 
Donate online or in person at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital to sponsor our trails for our Farley Event.

What other ways are there to contribute?

• New this year, Amanda will take your dog for a lap around our track, $20 donation for 10 laps.
• Nail trims all month available in return for a $5 donation!
• In return for donations we also have Royal Canin lanyards, measuring cups, cute Farley tattoos and “rescue my pet” window stickers.
• All in-person donations will be entered in a draw to win a Royal Canin gift pack.

Express your thankfulness and your pet’s by donating today to help a pet in need!

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