Don’t forget about our Farley Foundation fundraiser!

By September 30, 2014Blog

If you are interested in helping financially challenged pet owners to get medical care for their beloved pets, this is the perfect event for you.

Sponsor our CCAH staff horseback trail ride at Conestoga Horseback adventures at 4pm on Saturday, October 25! (Please note the event time change to 4pm!)

Bring your dog or cat for 10 laps around the RIM park track for $20 with Amanda.


Ask friends and family to sponsor your own horseback trek or walk/jog on the RIM trail. They can donate to sponsor you on our donating to Farley Foundation Page.

You can also give a simple donation without sponsoring anyone: Donate online or in person on our Farley Foundation Page.

All through October at CCAH: Nail trims all month available in return for a $5 donation;

As a thank you for your donation, we have Royal Canin Lanyards, measuring cups, cute Farley tattoos and “rescue my pet” window stickers available at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital.

All in person donations will be entered in a draw to win a Royal Canin gift pack!

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