Check the Chip Day at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital

By August 11, 2014Blog

Check the Chip Day is August 15th at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital. Begun by U.S. Veterinarians and animal hospitals, the idea is spreading all over North America now. This is an annual date that serves as a reminder to have your pet’s microchip checked to ensure that it is still detectable and has the current information needed to identify and return your lost or stolen pet!

Each year, thousands of lost or stolen pets are returned to their loving owners because of the identifying information stored on microchips implanted under the pet’s skin. Lives can be saved when pets are returned home instead of being sent to overcrowded pounds and shelters. The chips are encoded with an ID number which is registered with the manufacturer. This manufacturer stores the contact information submitted by the pet owner or veterinarian when the chip is implanted and registered.

The Carriage Crossing Animal Care Team wants your pet to stay safe, and be returned to you if lost. On August 15, we offer free microchip scans all day. We will scan your pet’s chip, ensure that it can be detected, and then check the ID number to ensure that it is registered to you with your current contact information. We’ll even update the information, or register your chip if the ID number hasn’t been registered yet.

Want to microchip your pet? This is the perfect time to have your pet protected, and we would love to help you do that. Chipping your pet is as simple as a small injection to implant a chip the size of a single grain of rice and a quick registration process. Call our Waterloo animal hospital to schedule an appointment to have your pet chipped and registered today!

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