Your Energy Connection with Your Pet

By July 16, 2014Blog

Your energy connection with your pet is stronger than you may realize. Pets are very aware of the  emotions and energy of the people important to them, and when they are around you, they know how you are feeling.

Does your pet come to you when you are sad, to snuggle with you and give you big slobbery kisses?

If you show excitement and happiness, does your pet get excited too?

Do they leave the room or act uncomfortable if your family members are arguing or angry?

That is the energy and emotional connection you share with your pet. Those fuzzy friends can sense when we need comfort, when we want to play, and when we are getting serious, and they help us make it all more special, fun, or comfortable. Our emotions affect our pets, too, and our energy is contagious for them. That can lead to some fun games, that both pet and owner can enjoy and learn from. Here’s two from the Waterloo Vet Animal Care Team at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital:

Get Silly!!!  Talk in a high excited voice and get hyper!  Rub your pet’s head to mess up their hair, squeak a squeaky toy, bounce around the room, do whatever you want to be silly and get yourself in a goofy, giggly mood.  What is your pet doing?  Is she bouncing or racing around in joy and excitement? It’s amazing to watch how contagious that happy, silly energy can be for your pet!

Mellow Out! Now take a long, slow deep breath, bring your energy level down and start to pet your pet with long, slow strokes from head to tail (or wherever they enjoy being touched the most!). Make sure you aren’t patting, scratching or rubbing them, instead deliberately pet them nice and slowly. Talk in a calm, soothing voice and really focus on your own calm and relaxation. Continue petting your pet slowly and calmly…are they still trying to run around the room like a maniac or are they starting to settle down and sigh?

Your energy connection with your pet is one of the things that makes pet ownership so special. Your furry friend loves you and wants to share good times and bad times with you. It also means that you can affect your pet’s mood, too: You can be an amazing source of comfort and joy to your best buddy. We wish you many hours of enjoyment, comforting, cuddling, and playing with your pet!

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