Help Your Pet Control His Emotions

By July 9, 2014Blog

Your pet is very tuned into your energy and emotions, and this can allow you to help your pet control his emotions. How? Pets tend to mirror our moods, becoming concerned and sad for us when we are sad, happy and excited when we are excited, and fearful and defensive when we are frightened. When we understand that connection, we can use it to comfort, calm, and cheer up our pet.

What are some ways you can use this energy connection to help your pet? Our Carriage Crossing Animal Care Team has some suggestions”

  • What makes your pet nervous? Thunder or the terrible vacuum cleaner? Try turning on the vacuum in another room or sitting with your pet during a storm and use your energy level and petting to help your furry friend get nice and calm instead of fearful.
  • Does your pup or kitten have trouble sleeping at night? At bedtime, speak calmly and pet them slowly to help get them ready to settle down for the night. Try to avoid any craziness or hyper activity as your pet will probably want to join in!
  • Remember that this is a handy tool you will have with you anywhere you go! If your pet is frightened of guests, or fearful of strangers on a walk, making that energy connection with her can help her feel calmer and more confident. When you speak calmly, and give her loving attention, she knows there’s nothing to worry about.

Whether you are at home, the park, in the car, the backyard, or at grandma’s house, if you can talk to or touch your pet then you can use your energy connection to help your pet feel safe, happy, and loved anywhere, and under any circumstances.


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