Greenwashing our Animal Hospital

By June 3, 2014Blog

Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital has been “Greenwashing” our Hospital and using eco-friendly products and systems so that we make as little impact on Canada’s ecology as possible, and so that we are responsible in our use of resources. This is one of our goals because of our love of all animals, not just our pets and patients, but those living in the wild as well. Preserving their health and ecosystems is important to us and to many of the families of our patients. Here are a few ways we’ve gone greener!

In our office:

  • We use straw-based paper, which is easier on the environment than wood-pulp paper. We also print on both sides of the page and shred and recycle any waste paper.
  • The office printer uses new technology to reduce it’s carbon footprint by 30%.
  • Our refreshment centre features reusable cups, and our Keurig beverage machine uses energy only when making a drink, as it doesn’t have a heating element that stays on for hours.
  • Home owners may recognize Ikea products around our hospital, we love the Swedish company’s attention to efficient and environmental design.
  • We use the phone and email instead of letters and postcards to remind patients of upcoming due dates for annual vaccinations and parasite prevention, and are always happy to email rather than print handouts and report cards.

In our construction:

  • Tinted windows and new blinds reduce energy costs for hospital
  • Lights are on timers and are motion sensitive so they are only on when we need them
  • Wallpaper and paint chosen for our facility is eco-friendly, and is great at keeping walls clean and hygienic while also green, and has lower VOC emissions compared to competitors to keep our interior environment healthy as well for staff, patients, and families.
  • Waterloo Animal Hospital location in the new neighbourhood of Carriage Crossing has meant pet owners can walk instead of drive to the hospital in many cases, or at least not drive as far.
  • Our landscaping is young but will reduce energy needs in years to come with strategically planted trees for shade.

In our medical facilities:

  • Using energy conserving appliances (washer, dryer, autoclave, freezer and fridges) reduces our overall electricity consumption.
  • Waste is minimized by the use of digital technology and reusable products where appropriate and disposal is handled safely and professionally by Octagon Medical.
  • Choosing cloth hand towels reduces waste.
  • Our metal cabinets, bath tub, and cages are mostly from a local company using recycled steel, no VOC emissions, and providing safe high-quality pet products. Going local is important too,  reducing costs of transportation and funding a great local business.
  • Video monitors allow us to be in several places at once, keeping our staff lean and green without compromising patient care
  • Thanks to the durability of stainless steel, we have been able to source some second hand equipment (cages, tables, lights and cabinetry) helping reduce our carbon footprint and keep our costs low.
  • Our cleaning and disinfection protocols are designed to be environmentally friendly as well as effective and safe, for example peroxigard is one of the most effective and safe and environmentally friendly disinfectants with Ecologo certification. All of our cleaning products are also perfume and dye-free to prevent animal or human sensitivities.


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