Panda Thrives Despite Heart Disease

By May 20, 2014Blog

Panda & Dr. Mara Gerriets Ashby


Despite the look of disgust on her face, Panda is doing very well as we make her felineĀ heart disease more comfortable. We do this by draining the excess fluid which collects between the lungs and the walls of her chest. This treatment, called thoracocentesis, along with her medications, makes it easier for her to breathe and spend quality time with her family.

Life is all about having quality time, isn’t it?


  • Deborah wood says:

    Thank you Dr. Ashby for taking such great care of Panda! You always know exactly what to do. Panda is now able to enjoy the sunshine on the deck. She is pain free, comfortable and breathing easily. Thank you!

    • carriagecrossing says:

      You’re welcome Deb, Panda is a lovely cat to work with and she receives excellent care at home from her family so that she can enjoy the sunshine.

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