Easter and Your Pets! Avoid These Holiday Dangers

By April 16, 2014Blog

Easter and your pets can be a wonderful combination, but our Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital staff wants to remind pet parents of a few holiday dangers.

Please be careful to keep holiday treats and decorations out of the reach of your furry family members. Your favorite Waterloo Veterinary Hospital wants to help you keep your pets safe and healthy this Easter!

  1. Chocolate treats: Keep candy bunnies in check—chocolate goodies are toxic to cats, dogs, and ferrets.
  2. Sugar Free and Low Sugar Treats: Even dietetic treats can pose a risk. Food containing xylitol, an artificial sweetener can be toxic to many small animals. Xylitol is used in many sugar free or low sugar candies, chewing gum and baked goods.
  3. Easter Lilies: These toxic plants can be fatal if ingested by our furry friends. A common springtime decoration, both the live, potted lillies and the cut flowers can be dangerous.
  4. Easter Grass or Tinsel: Kitties and curious puppies love to nibble colorful plastic grass or tinsel, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting and dehydration.
  5.  Human Food: Many food items enjoyed by people are not suitable for your pet. Onions, garlic, nuts, grapes, raisins, chocolate, and raw potato can be poisonous to your animal. A seemingly harmless treat from your table can do serious harm. Check with your Animal Care Team for delicious, nutritious, and SAFE treats for your furry baby.
  6. Spring Spruce Ups: Be aware that many of the chemicals you use on your lawn, garden, and in your garage are toxic to pets. Fertilizers, pesticides, coated grass seeds, and car care items such as wheel cleaner and anti-freeze can kill your pet if ingested.
  7. Baby Love: No matter how adorable in the pet store, baby chicks and rabbits are not good  Easter gifts. While these festive babies are the cutest, resist the urge to buy; they grow up fast and often require specialized care! Thousands of ex-Easter bunnies and chicks are abandoned each year when their novelty wears off.

Please talk to us to learn more about pet safety, healthy treats, and great pet care!

Your Animal Care Team
Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital


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