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By March 26, 2014Blog
The Farley Foundation helps financially disadvantaged pet owners

It wasn’t long ago, shortly after our grand opening at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, we decided we wanted to help others in need. There are many ways to help, and we knew that our support for The Farley Foundation, an important charity, would make a difference in someone’s life, and in the life of their pet. The Foundation, run by the Ontario Veterinary Medicine Association (OVMA), helps financially disadvantaged pet owners pay their vet bills. If you’ve ever had a sick dog, cat, or other beloved pet, you know you would do anything to help. So as some of our colleagues biked, played, or baked to raise money, we inaugurated and dedicated an annual staff event, a trail ride, to the cause.

The trail ride…

Trails for Farley FoundationOur friends at Conestogo River Horseback Adventures provided the horses, and this past October 20th, a typically cool fall day, we sallied forth! We were resolute, and felt brave, riding through deep river crossings, and over slippery trails. OK we should admit it: most of the credit needs to go to the wonderful horses we were on! Some of us were newbies, but the horses were brave, solid, and experienced with riders like us. They carried us safely around all obstacles. It was a fun ride, and we knew how important the cause.

We asked friends, family members—even our clients—to support our ride. The OVMA made that task simple. All our supporters needed to do was visit a link, and either spend a few dollars on an adorable Farley doll, or otherwise sponsor us with a monetary donation.

Farley Foundation trail rideThe Farley Foundation assists five categories of pet owners:

  • Seniors
  • Disabled individuals
  • Participants of OVMA’s SafePet Program
  • Pets in care facilities (for seniors)
  • Ontario Works Recipients

It’s great to know that caring and visionary leaders went out of their way in 2002 to set this charity up for us. Now people who qualify can take advantage of this wonderful offering.

Can you help? Please send us an e-mail in care of [email protected], or visit the Contact page on our website.

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