Medical Services

If your pet needs medical care, Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital is ready to give your pet excellent care. Our knowledgeable Animal Care Team and modern facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of medical conditions, including emergencies. Because we can perform many diagnostic procedures right in our Waterloo veterinary clinic, we can often give you immediate answers and start treating your pet quickly. In some cases, your pet may require hospitalization and further diagnostic tests. Please take a look at the more detailed descriptions of some of the medical services we offer, or call us to discuss your pet’s specific medical needs.

  • Dentistry for dogs and cats


    Imagine what your mouth would feel like if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. For many dogs and cats, this is a painful reality.  Dentistry is…

  • Radiology

    Radiology (X-rays)

    When your pet is ill or injured, we routinely use x-rays to help identify the cause of the problem, rule out possible problems, or provide a list of possible causes….

  • FleaControl

    Flea Control

    A flea problem on your pet means a flea problem in your home. Understanding the flea life cycle and methods for its control can be a daunting task. We will…

  • Dermatology

    Dermatology – Skin Problems

    Skin problems are common in dogs and cats and can be caused by hormonal disorders, allergies, infections, or parasites such as fleas and mites. These issues can be particularly difficult…

  • Endoscopy


    This minimally invasive procedure allows a veterinarian to see inside a pet’s body and, when necessary, take biopsies (tissue samples) without having to perform surgery. Endoscopy is commonly used to…

  • Cardiology

    Cardiology (Heart)

    At Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, we know the signs of heart disease in cats and dogs can be subtle or severe, and consequences range from life threatening to benign depending…

  • CompleteMedicalAssesment

    Medical Assessment & Diagnosis

    To ensure a proper diagnosis, our Animal Care Team often needs to examine your pet. We begin a medical assessment by looking at your pet’s eyes, ears, and skin and…